What will I own when the project is completed?

The laws and regulations of Washington State closely govern Townsend Meadows Cooperative and its successor, Quimper Village.

Townsend Meadows Cooperative (TMC), which consists of the Members, is developing the Quimper Village (QV) project. QV will be a residential cohousing community of 28 condominium townhouses, a Common House and other shared amenities in Port Townsend, WA. When construction is complete, a Member Household will purchase its home from TMC. TMC will then transfer control of the project to a future QV Owners Association, which will manage the day-to-day operations of the Community.

Homeowner Members will own their home as a condominium residence, as governed by the laws and regulations of Washington. They will also own an undivided 1/28th share of the common elements of Quimper Village (e.g, the site and Common House), and each will have exclusive use of certain limited common elements, e.g., front and back yards, and garages or carports if purchased. A Member’s home and share of common elements may be sold or transferred according to law.