What is Quimper Village?

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Quimper Village is a 55+ senior cohousing community in Port Townsend, a vibrant coastal town in the heart of Washington’s rain shadow, known for both intellectual and outdoor activities, arts, and easy living. Starting with a core group of six member households (couples and singles) in 2014, we searched for and found a suitable location, then chose experienced cohousing architects to assist us in the design and development of our project. Construction was completed in 2017, and we are now reside in 28 homes in a closely knit, caring community with shared values. We live in houses that balance a sense of neighborhood with the need for personal privacy. Leaving our vehicles on the perimeter and adding a front porch in each home encourages interaction with our neighbors.

The design of Quimper Village includes a large Common House where we share frequent dinners and other activities. This is the place to gather for meals, meetings, activities, conversation,or to share a morning coffee or an afternoon glass of wine. There are 3 guest rooms for members to use when entertaining visitors.  We have a spacious workshop, an artist studio,and plans for a community garden are in the works. The pathways to our homes facilitate interaction with our neighbors. We are a tobacco-free community.

Quimper Village is not a retirement home or an assisted living facility.  When you join Quimper Village, you join a community of interesting, active individuals who share a common vision and values with the goal of supporting one another while enjoying life in surroundings that enhance our ability to age in place. Quimper Village members are involved in all aspects of the management of the community and, to the extent the community decides, in performing the tasks necessary for maintaining the village.  There are opportunities to participate in a variety of ways, and everyone will be expected to participate, as they are able.