Who are the members of Quimper Village?

We worked in teams while planning and building the project and we continue to work in teams to get the work done. If you like to garden, there’s a team for that. Money and planning - a team for that. Care about pets and how they will live with us - join the team! We maintain nearly all of our property and buildings ourselves, adding to the feeling of pride.


Newsletter and Landscape Management Teams

Cindy worked with Metro Water Quality Laboratories as a chemist and in the Trace Metal Lab for ten years.  She spent the next 20 years of her career as an Environmental Investigator with the Local Hazardous Waste Program in King County, WA. She has volunteered with Old Dog Haven, King Conservation District Native Plant Nursery, Changing Rein Therapeutic Riding and the Northwest Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Barb & Mack

Mack:  Building and Maintenance Team
Barbara: Social Team

Mack spent 36 years as an Internist and Geriatric doctor in Arizona and Oregon, reared two children with his wife Barb, and moved to Port Townsend fifteen years ago. He is physically active and has enjoyed backpacking and local mountain climbing in the past.

Barb spent many years teaching English, has been an art gallery owner and founded a preschool.  Since retirement in 2000, she enjoys gardening, cooking, walking with friends, and time with her grandchildren.

John & Pam

John: Finance/Legal Team
Pam: Finance/Legal Team, Emergency Preparedness, and Newsletter Teams

John was Executive Director of Pike Place Market in Seattle, served as Mayor of Port Townsend from 1992-1995, and served on the City Council previous to that.  He has volunteered time with many organizations in and around the Northwest including, Main Street, Centrum, SCORE as a business consultant and a part of the Clallam/Jefferson County Mediation Services. 

Pam worked for three library systems as well as Jefferson County Planning and Building Department.  She has participated as a board member with the Rhododendron Festival, Main Street, Jefferson County Historical Society, the Juvenile Diversion program and the Community Chorus.  She wrote local history articles for Jefferson County newspapers for 13 years and produced a book called “Tracing Footsteps”.

Pam & Jim

Jim: Newsletter Team and Process Team
Pam: Townsend Meadows Recording Secretary; Finance/Legal Team and Chores Team

Jim D. has a degree in German Literature but chose to work as a deputy probation officer for 20 years. He has since written four novels and several plays. Jim was a winner in the Port Townsend One Act Competition in 2009. Although being struck down with septic shock in 2012, and losing all of his fingers, he continues to write using a stylus or Dragon Speak system. Not much holds him back.

Pam D. worked for 30 years as a special education teacher. After retiring and moving to PT in 2005 she has enjoyed gardening, serving on the Port Townsend School Board and other volunteer activities, and spending time with grandkids. 

Bill & Kay

Bill: Social Team
Kay: Social Team; Health and Safety Team

Bill’s varied work experiences have led him to construction, sales, warehouse manager, small business owner, website research, writing, and office management.   He enjoys running, sports, and spending time with his children and grandchildren.

Kay D. has a B.S. in Biology and worked as a research assistant at Harvard Medical School, and later as a high school teacher.  Since moving to Port Townsend, she has worked with home heath care and is still employed as a massage therapist and instructor at Port Townsend School of Massage. Her spare time involves long walks in the woods, seeing movies with Bill and being with children and grandchildren. 


Common House Management and Finance/Legal Teams

Grace taught Language Arts to fourth - eighth graders for 30-years in the Ohio public school system and has been in Port Townsend for 13 years.  She is an active volunteer at the public library and Habitat for Humanity.  Grace is a member of a local investing group, LION, and a Giving Circle participant with the Community Foundation of Jefferson County. She has a special interest in the Jefferson County Land Trust.

Kay (Carolyn)

Membership Team

Kay's background education and experience was in the field of microbiology. After she moved to Port Townsend fifteen years ago, she became passionately interested in the art and technical aspects of photography. She is now an artist member of the Port Townsend Gallery. As a member she helps operate and staff the store as well as displaying and selling her artwork in the gallery. Additionally, she photographs weddings and other family events with a local photographer.


Landscape and Finance/Legal Teams

Anne grew up in India with missionary parents, and went on to teach Landscape Architecture at Cal Poly (California) as Dr. J. Anne Holman before retiring to the Northwest. Anne is an avid painter, and is active in the art community and a volunteer at the information center.

David alone.jpg


Leader, Design Review Team; Common House Management Team

David and his wife, Pat introduced the concept of senior co-housing and were instrumental in creating Quimper Village. We were sad to lose Pat in December 2018.

David’s love of acting led him to a career as a Drama and Speech professor at the University of Wisconsin.  After retirement, he created a live theater group for kids and by kids, incorporating it into the school curriculum as a learning tool.

Inge alone.jpg


Landscape and Social Teams

Originally from Denmark, Poul and Ingelise have traveled the world following Poul’s work as a mechanical engineer. He retired as Vice President of Engineering for a large concrete company.

Ingelise worked as a florist designer and managed the shop, taught adult education classes and after returning to college, received a degree in nursing. 


Process and Common House Management Teams

Janet on dock.jpg

After a long career as the manager of a medical office, Janet has learned how to fill her days with fun, mostly in or on the water.  Nine months of the year she’s out rowing five days a week with the local club.  Winter time she’s at the pool for her favorite early morning fitness class or she might be lifeguarding or teaching swimming since she’s also an employee there, too.  She’s also active in the Unitarian Fellowship.  Family time is important and so is snowshoeing, kayaking, hiking and traveling.   She’s been on the Process Team since it was hatched and is on the Common House Management Team and facilitates for the Landscape Team. 

Cherie & Jim

Jim: Process Team, Motorheads
Cherie: Membership and Chores Teams

Jim worked in Texas public schools for 33 years, the last ten as superintendent in Galveston.  He served in the US Army Reserves for 26 years, retiring as a colonel.  In 1993, he and Cherie moved to Sequim.  He continued as a member of Rotary International—serving as president of two clubs and as assistant district governor for three years.  He was president of United Way of Clallam County, Friends of Sequim Library, and was elected to Clallam County Charter Review Commission.  He and Cherie led the effort for a winning bond issue that provided a new Sequim Middle School and major classroom addition at Sequim High School.  They volunteered 9 years with Volunteer Hospice of Clallam County.  In 2007, Jim was awarded the Clallam County Community Service Award and in 2010, was recognized as Sequim’s Citizen of the Year.

Cherie received a direct commission into the US Army Reserves to attend physical therapy school.  She worked 17 years as a civilian physical therapist and retired as a lieutenant colonel with 20 years of Reserves service in 1993.  After moving to Sequim, she became a Master Gardener and a bee keeper.  She was appointed to the Sequim Citizens Advisory Committee to help plan the Sequim route and amenities for the Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT).  She served 13 years on the Peninsula Trails Coalition board.  She and Jim were ODT Adopt-a-Trail section maintainers for ten years and worked on a number of work parties building trail and bridges.

Howard & Jeanette

Jeanette: Landscape Team
Howard: Finance and Legal Team, Health and Safety Team

Jeanette taught elementary school one year, then married Howard, moved to D.C. and worked on Capitol Hill right next to the Supreme Court for a Chaplaincy group before starting volunteering at the Smithsonian. She eventually entered the MA Museum Studies program at George Washington University and interned at the National Museum of History and Technology. This led to a Curator position back in Nebraska before having two children and volunteering for every school project. She loves to help her daughter with the two granddaughters, travel, snorkel and scuba dive. Jeanette is a Master Gardener, and considers herself a life-long learner.

Howard had a career in computer programming and solar satellite sunspot research, satellite communications and banking systems.  Besides his current interest in any kind of computer program, he has skills in carpentry, plumbing, electrical and gardening.


Membership and Landscape Team

Nancy taught French and Spanish in Bellevue schools before joining the staff at Port Townsend High School in 1988. She has long been a hiker and celebrated her 70th birthday by walking the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. Her French and Spanish were particularly useful translating for Americans and chatting with fellow pilgrims and the locals.

She has had many volunteer activities including the PT library, tutoring reading, diabetes eduction program at our PT hospital and occasionally translating when needed. An avid reader and gardener, she has discovered new interests in watercolor painting, calligraphy and painting stones.

carolyn jack tulips.JPG

Jack & Carolyn

Jack: Newsletter, Shop, and Motorheads Teams
Carolyn: Executive, Coordinating Team, Finance & Legal, Landscaping, and Meals Team

Jack taught International Relations, Chinese/Japanese politics, and National Security Policy at Gonzaga, Virginia Tech, the Univ. of West Florida and the US Naval War College for over 40 years.  He loves to travel, sail, and can often be found puttering around the woodworking shop at QV.

Carolyn worked in microbiology research for twelve years, then switched gears by getting an MBA and working in financial services for for eight years.  Then she combined her science and business experience working for the Fl. Department of Environmental Protection for fifteen years.  She is a tireless organizer and volunteer.  Her time off is often spent traveling. Jack and Carolyn have visited all 7 continents including 39 countries.

Bobbie & Jerry

Jerry: Quimper Village Treasurer, Finance/Legal Team, and Construction Interface (CIT) Team
Bobbie: Process and Motorheads Teams


Jerry has a degree in Ceramics Engineering and an MBA. He has been involved in the technical ceramics and materials engineering field for most of his adult life and started a high tech materials marketing company, which he and Bobbie ran for 20 years. He currently volunteers at the Port Townsend Police Department where he coordinates the volunteer program, handles events for the city and is the code enforcement officer for the Police Department. 

Bobbie has a B.S. in Music Education and a Masters degree in counseling. She has worked as a music teacher, preschool teacher and a therapist in a drug and alcohol rehab center. There she became the director of family counseling and later developed an out-patient counseling program. After moving to PT, Bobbie joined Jerry in running MarkeTech Intenational. She volunteers her time singing with the Port Townsend branch of the Threshold Choir, a group dedicated to singing for in-patients recuperating in the hospital and especially for those in hospice care, as well as singing with PT Community Chorus.


Mena & Cheron

Mena: Community Life Team and Meals Team
Cheron: Newsletter and Membership Teams

Mena has a degree in Psychology and retired from the California Department of Social Services where she worked through a variety of jobs over 20 years.  Those positions included adjudicating medical disability for Social Security, computer trainer, and IT Project Manager.  In her past she’s worked in accounting, elementary education and has also lived on an organic farm, raising goats, chickens and other livestock.  She currently works as an acrylic artist, enjoys local hikes, bird watching and cooking vegan meals.

Cheron has had a long and varied work history that reflects her wide range of interests. She has an MS in Clinical Counseling and has worked as a locomotive engineer. She has been a lifelong activist for LGBT rights.  She enjoys learning new skills, painting, playing games, computers, and reading.

David & Jane

David:  Health and Wellness Team; Design Review Team
Jane: Finance and Legal Team

David is an ordained Presbyterian minister, has been a college chaplain and instructor in religion & ethics, a non-profit administrator and executive for Habitat For Humanity. He was executive director of an anti-poverty research & program development organization. He reads in the park daily, is involved with the Land Trust and is a new aspiring carver.

Jane has a Masters in English and has taught college composition. She worked for the Associate Vice President of Human Resources at Cornell University; was part of the support staff at Seattle Public Library;  worked in strategic planning for Habitat for Humanity's International Headquarters and served in the malaria section of PATH in Seattle. She volunteers at the Marine Science Center working with Sound toxins program of citizen science.

Phyllis & Ivar

Phyllis: Landscape Team
Ivar: Membership and Maintenance Teams

Phyllis has two Masters Degrees, one in Botany and another in Counseling and Educational Therapy for Dyslexics.  She was lead teacher at Head Start for 11 years.  She won an environmental award for Backyard Wildlife Habitat and wrote a Tree Ordinance for Anacortes, WA, which was inspired by the one in Port Townsend.  She loves to sing, play recorder, dance, back pack in the mountains, watch birds, garden for butterflies, bees and birds, travel,  and “play” with Spanish.  She loves being close to and sharing her life with Ivar.

Ivar taught Anatomy and Physiology at Yakima Valley Community College for 37 years.  He was president of Skagit Audubon and served on their board for 15 years, was on the Skagit Marine Resources Committee and Northwest Straits Commission.  He was an orchardist in his spare time.  He enjoys bird watching, photography, boating, contra dancing, traveling throughout the world, hiking, and ukulele playing.

Skip & Sue

Skip: Maintenance, Chores and Pet Teams
Sue: Health and Wellness, Emergency Preparedness Teams

Skip has worked in the high tech and aviation fields and currently flies seaplanes for Kenmore Air during the summer. He has extensive experience in project management and is treasurer of their Mukilteo, Washington condominium Homeowner’s Association. Skip collects ratings qualifying him to fly rare and unusual airplanes, and he is an active member of the Historic Flight Foundation in Everett and the Port Townsend Aero Museum. He enjoys foil fencing and has a fascination with obsolete technology.

Sue has worked in non-profit administration, marketing communications, freelance writing and editing, and holistic health education. As a writer, Sue has published in every genre at one time or another. She is a certified nutrition consultant, and has a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies with a specialization in Epistemics. In addition, she loves art – seeing it, making it, and collecting it.


QV Recording Secretary, Common House Management, Art Curators, Newsletter, and I write the weekly QV News.

Araya has had a variety of 'adventures' in her life. She owned a business known as Executive Meeting Consultants, planning conferences worldwide. She was also administrative assistant at Menorah Park, a low-income senior housing project in San Francisco. For many years, she was the administrator of Congregation Eitz Or in Seattle. She has been a board member and active volunteer for Jewish Renewal communities, both locally and nationally. Earlier in her life, she homesteaded in Canada, where she helped design and build her house. She is currently a docent at the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island, and a past ambassador at the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle. Araya travels extensively, loves to walk, hike, dance, ski and enjoy nature.


Social Team

Irene has several degrees and certificates including in Early Childhood Education, English as a Foreign Language and Museum Education. She has lived abroad most of her adult life.

She has volunteered as a docent for the Bellevue Arts Museum,  YMCA, Seattle and Jewish Film Festivals, the Village Theater,  and has taught on cruise ships, women’s retreats and at assisted living communities. Irene is a quilter, beader and writer.



Motorheads and Emergency Preparation Team                  

Phil is a retired Army Corps of Engineers officer and has a BS in Forest Management and MS in Geodesy* & Photogrammetry. (*Also known as geodetics, geodetic engineering or geodetics engineering—a branch of applied mathematics and earth sciences, is the scientific discipline that deals with the measurement and representation of the Earth (or any planet), including its gravitational field.) He enjoys traveling, cycling and genealogy.



Emergency Preparation Teams

Betty’s varied background includes working as Assistant Executive Director of the Girl Scout Council of Tropical Florida in Miami. She gained executive certification and training while with the organization. Other tasks included designing and delivering adult experiential training related to diversity and group behavior and executed the training of 1000’s of volunteers.  Betty also worked for Ford Motor Company and Whirlpool and raised three children.

She has served as Jefferson County League of Women Voters chair and has participated in organizational Disaster Preparation programs.  She loves photography, cooking and delving into genetic genealogy.

Mark 2.PNG


Process and Maintenance Teams

Mark did design and testing of new propulsion systems for commercial and military Boeing airplanes for over 30 years.

In retirement, Mark has returned to an old interest: what enables people to be such good cooperators and how our moral sense helps us cooperate. He also enjoys reading science fiction and looks forward to opportunities Quimper Village might offer for working on community projects, vegetable gardening, and enjoying life in a close community.

Brad and Barbara

Brad and Barbara.jpeg

Brad migrated from the east coast after early life in a military family and had the good fortune to end up in Juneau, Alaska, in the mid-sixties. After college, a few years in the service, and graduate school he embarked upon his life as a writer and editor living most of the time in Seattle, grateful every day for the luxury of following his passion for words and the freedom of a life of curiosity. Brad’s daughter, Laara, lives in Oslo and visits from time to time. 

Barbara was born in Tacoma and lived there until her late teens when her love of dance took her to New York where she performed professionally for several years. After a later career in management at Boeing, she found Port Townsend where she remains invigorated by an active life including a pair of walks on the Camino de Santiago, daily exercise, often with her dog, Lucky, and her work as a catering chef and hospice volunteer. Barbara’s son, John, lives nearby in Tacoma.